Cortron has developed and manufactured over 2500 different keyboards, pointing devices and accessories to meet customer and application requirements.

Many of these products are simply variations of an existing product or design – such as custom keyboard legends, custom interfaces or custom colors.

For some applications, however, you may need a bit more customization. Looking for a keyboard with multiple pointing devices? We can do that. Looking for a custom optical output for sending secure data over long distances? We can do that too.

Many of our ‘customs’ can be a simple re-packaging of existing products or technologies, reducing your program timelines, risk, and cost. Or if you need a product designed from the ground up, we can do that too. Full integration of 3D modeling and decades of design work reduces your risk and expense. Leverage our experience into your successful program.

Browse through our product gallery to see examples of what we’ve done in the past. But don’t be limited to what’s been done before – we’ll make a custom product for you. Send us your requirements (or concept drawing) and we’ll work with you to develop a product that meets your needs.

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Our Process

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